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Regenerating Health with Living Design and Electrolyzed Water

Regenerating Food Systems

Stewarding a Slice of HeavenRivercliff Farm sets nestled on 347 acres of wildlife habitat in Alexander, NC next to the French Broad River. The multiple microclimates on the farm and bountiful natural resources makes a perfect location for experiments in regenerative technologies in agriculture - LIVING DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES. Our mission is to grow bioavailable medicine & food using the principles of natural ecology, law, and energy flow.

The FarmersBetween them, Alex Corey and Justin Gardner have decades of farming experience ranging from hydroponics, aquaponics, soil ionization, microgreens, market gardening, permaculture, medicinal herbs, and more. We are focused on integrating living technology, bio-geometry, and utilizing ecosystems to magnify human health and growing potential.

Food Forest Abundance & Freedom Farm Academy

Rivercliff Farm has the great honor of being a member of the Food Forest Abundance network and a Freedom Farm Academy site. Throughout the year, we will be hosting workshops that empower you to grow food forests everywhere, decentralize food & energy systems, and build sovereignty into your communities. See the links below for more.

Grow Your Own Food!
Freedom Farm Academy

Upcoming Event: Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture & Biodynamic Farming
9 Day Immersion on 347 acres

TRAIN TO BE A LEADER IN TRANSFORMATIVE LIVINGLectures, Guest-Speakers, Hands-on, Experience ActivitiesA permaculture design course is a 72 hour + training that teaches you how to engage with human and ecological communities in harmonious and ethical ways, trains you to see the world from an entirely new angle, and equips you with knowledge and skills to make positive changes in the world.

Presented by: IdeallyEco Sustainable Landscapes
w/ Guest Speaker: Michael Hoag of Transformative Adventures

Lead by Joe Bass

Special appearance: Michael Hoag

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) has been taught globally to hundreds of thousands of people. It was developed by Bill Mollison to teach the principles and foundations of ecological design to benefit the planet and society. It is a way to design communities, buildings, gardens and life based on patterns in nature. Its foundation is the three ethics of care of people, care of earth, and share the surplus.

The Water

Electrolysis = No More Chemicals

Split the Water Molecule

During our last full year of growing Microgreens as KC Gardens and every day since, we employ a medical-grade ionizer and make all of our own liquid products to control every stage of growth and be able to solve all the most extreme problems in house.

  • pH 11.5 - Accelerated germination through extra oxygen availability. Also a potent emulsifier for washing oil based liquids and cycling with 2.5 for Integrated Pest Management

  • pH 6.0 - Perfect pH water for maximum micronutrient uptake. Never buy a buffer again. Only buy minerals that you need for elemental absorption, not to regulate pH

  • pH 2.5 - HOCL: Welcome to the world of non-toxic hypochlorous acid. The power of free-chlorine on tap can be used as a natural pesticide (even for mites,) herbicide, fungicide, and for general sanitization.

Microgreens: Easy & Powerful Nutrition

Microgreens have taken the health-conscious world by storm! They provide maximum nutrition and free-radical fighting antioxidant content. In quite a few cases, much more than their mature vegetable counterparts!The studies are pouring in on the wonders of the vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient powerhouses that are microgreens! Some even have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol.As if the health benefits weren’t enough, microgreens are delicious and absolutely gorgeous to boot. Just a sprinkling of these go a long way!

Nutrient Dense Microgreens Delivered to Your Door

Sunflower Shoots

The most popular
High in fat and protein
Rich, nutty, robust flavor

Pea Shoots

Protein and mineral rich
Holds up well to heat
Pairs well in hearty dishes

Red Acre Cabbage

Mild flavor
Gorgeous deep purple
Works well in everything


Mild Flavor
High in sulforaphane

The Science of Living Food

There are a lot of claims out there!
Join Alex in examining what holds up

Grow Your Own

Nutrient rich food in as little as 7 days!

Learn from Our 5 years of growing microgreens indoors

Proud Partners of True Leaf Market

High germination rates, free and fast shipping over $50, beautiful micros

Check Out My Full Microgreens Playlist on Youtube

Full Tutorials on the Common Ones


Pea Shoots

Sunflower Shoots



Our Favorite Seeds

Black Oil Sunflower

Pea Shoots

Red Acre Cabbage


Rambo Radish







Red Radish

Mibuna Mustard



Microgreens Consult

Need Help Launching?

Are you thinking about starting your own microgreen farm to serve your community fresh greens all year? I can save you months of headache…

  • Grow Guides on Every Micro I have Grown…

  • Infrastructure Lists for kits, shelving, lighting, air flow

  • Resources for branding/packaging

  • As needed rescue calls

Work With Us

Western North Carolina

KC Gardens has officially merged with Sprout Culture to support our Western NC micro base

Listen to the Story in our Podcast

About Us

The Crew

Alex Corey - Manager
Primal Health, Living Water
Email: thrive@alexandercorey.com

Justin Gardner - Owner
Living Regeneration Tech
Contact Below

Joe Bass - IdeallyEco.com
Permaculture Design
Email: ideallyeco@gmail.com

Kayla Delanoy
Herbal Specialist

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